We were recently asked our top three wedding planning, budget saving tips for style conscious couples. It’s one of those areas that when you first get engaged you have absolutely no idea about. From the incredible choice of wedding venues, services, and products, to the expected costs, there’s definitely a few surprises in store. That’s before you’ve become addicted and inspired by Pinterest, discovered your favourite wedding blog, or glossy wedding magazine. Spending your wedding budget wisely and gaining maximum impact with the money you do have is the name of the game. Whether you’re keen on an insanely creative DIY wedding, or in the market for incredible and lavish florals, here are our top three best bits of wedding planning advice…


1 – When thinking about the biggest mistakes we see when it comes to budgeting for weddings, there are a few worth mentioning.

When you set out on your wedding planning journey you really don’t have any idea how much anything is going to cost, with couples usually falling in to two categories. There are those who love nothing more than a bit of planning, and a good spreadsheet who will have noted all the suppliers they need with an approximate budget for each, and then there’s clients who don’t have any idea of what budget they have or want to set. In our experience everyone has an idea of the amount they want to spend and absolutely everyone spends more. Quite often more than double the original estimate, and one of the reasons for this is rushing ahead to try and get everything booked, and nailed down early in the planning. There are so many incredible services and options available that you can get carried away booking to many different suppliers, when actually you could have saved a substantial amount by taking your time, doing your research, and using less suppliers who will offer a range of services.


2 – There are savings to be made without compromising on the overall experience for your guests.

Arrange a consultation with a professional. More often than not the first consultation is complimentary and will be an opportunity to gain expert advice, and gather approximate costs for some of the suppliers you are looking for. Create your top 5 must haves and put the majority of your budget in these areas, then if there’s anything left in the budget you can add, nice to haves. Guest numbers will also be an area you can look at as this is by far the largest cost. When considering your guest list allocating a price per person to include food, drink, stationery, favours, number of tables required, right down to the size of the venue, dance floor and numbers for the evening food will ensure you keep a track of the budget.


3 – Agree what is a priority for you and allocate a high percentage of your wedding budget there.

Establish if your day time event and sit down wedding breakfast are really you, or if you’d prefer a big party. This will help when looking at venues versus suppliers for the lions share of the budget. You may have a dream venue where the cost is more than half your budget leaving a small amount for outfits, a photographer, flowers, decor, dance floors, lighting, and entertainment. Or you may prefer a party vibe using an alternative venue or location for a tipi, marquee, or barn and allocate more to creating a cool celebration with a personal design.

Don’t be afraid to consult with the experts when wedding planning on a budget. Got a question? We are here to help, in fact we love helping, please get in touch.