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Sarah Valentine

I’m Sarah and I take ordinary moments that are gone in the blink of an eye and turn them into extraordinary heirlooms. The kind of photos that transport you the minute you hold them in your hands. I am a photographer, lover of weddings, and a storyteller. I’ve been in your shoes, I’ve planned a wedding, and I know now that long after the cake has been eaten, and your dress has been hung, your photography will be one of the only things that remains after your special, precious day. These are your first heirlooms as a new family, and I will cherish them as much as you will.

Sarah Valentine

At the end of every wedding day I spend time saying goodbye to everyone, giving hugs and listening to wonderful comments and often getting pulled onto the dance floor. Why? Because I care. I take clients and turn them into close friends. Throughout your entire wedding day I am watching everything unfold and documenting moments that I know you will cherish for years to come, moments you might not even see happen.

I’m living your day through your eyes and capturing it in a way that will give you the ability to relive it for years to come. Every little hand grab, tear shed, dance move…. you’ll get those shots because your wedding day is filled with tiny moments, tiny details, with one beautiful love story interwoven through every single frame.

That story? It’s yours. Let me tell it.

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07890 323770


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